Making canine genetic testing... 'Easy, Accessible & Affordable'

We specialise in providing 'Easy, Accessible & Affordable' DNA testing for Pet Owners, Breeders and Veterinarians alike. Advancement in DNA technology has enabled Geneticists to collect, test and analyse a dog's DNA profile in a matter of days, this valuable insight enables us dog owners to have a pro-active approach to our dogs health.

Petagenics® and our Partner Testing Laboratory, are determined to raise the awareness of genetic health and hereditary diseases within our dogs. We are also changing the way in which dog owners and breeders have access to genetic testing in the UK, ensuring that testing is made affordable to more pet owners.

A dogs health is not only about what is visible, but also that which cannot be seen. There is a greater emphasis being put on the spread of hereditary conditions, and if not managed the impact and damage that these conditions can have for future generations. Petagenics® are committed to providing a service where testing is readily available, and easy to understand, in doing so we can help to protect the future of all dogs.

There are many different genetic diseases, in many different dog breeds, some breed specific and some that are not. Petagenics® have breed specific testing panels that test for diseases that are relevant to that dog breed, we also offer single tests for those that only want to test for a certain disease. We also have a 'Health & Wellness Check’™ that screens for over 150 different genetic mutations that are responsible for diseases, traits and colours found in dogs.

All of our tests are offered in easy-to-use DNA kits that can be performed in a matter of minutes, by anyone fortunate to own a pet dog. This valuable insight into your dog's genetic profile can play a huge role in their overall health and wellbeing.

With these results, you will be able to proactively care for those genetic diseases that are treatable,  plan your breeding programs accordingly, intervene early before your dog is showing symptoms, and prepare for potential future pet emergencies.

Petagenics® has tests for most KC recognised dog breeds, as well as non KC recognised dog breeds.

Petagenics® Breed Bundles™

We have designed breed specific panels under our 'Petagenics® Breed Bundles'™ brand. These bundles include the disease tests that have been listed by the Kennel Club for that particular breed.

  • All our tests are carried out with easy-to-use DNA collection Cheek Swabs.
  • 'Petagenics® Breed Bundles'™ are available for many Dog Breeds.
  • You can add single tests to the 'Petagenics® Breed Bundles'™ if needed.
  • 'Canine Genetic health Certificates'™ are issued with our 'Petagenics® Breed Bundles'™.
  • All Results are Reviewed by a PhD Geneticist and a Veterinarian to ensure Accuracy.

Single Tests

We have over 180 different disease tests, that can be purchased as individual tests if needed. Our single tests results are issued with a 'Canine Genetic health Certificates'™  for use with breed clubs and associations. Our most popular single tests are those relevant to many breeds, including:

Health & Wellness Check™

The 'Health & Wellness Check'™ combines over 150 genetic tests into one simple screening package. This test covers Diseases, Traits and Colour appearances that are genetically inherited from our dogs parents. The better you know your dog’s inherited characteristics, the better you can plan for a happy and healthy life with your pet.

  • Over 150 Tests combined for any dog, of any age.
  • A Coat Colour Panel.
  • Traits Tests also included.
  • Full, easy to understand, explanation of conditions.
  • You dog will receive a full results report.
  • Vet & Geneticist Support if needed.
Results obtained from the 'Health & Wellness Check' are not recognised by the Kennel Club

Veterinarian & Geneticist Support

Petagenics® understands that some of your dogs results can be a little Confusing or Overwhelming, our fully Qualified Vets & PhD Geneticists are only an email away.

  • Your dogs results will show if they are 'Normal' - 'Carrier' - 'At Risk'.
  • If a Dog shows to be a 'Carrier' or 'At Risk' then a full explanation of that Disease is provided.
  • If you are still unsure, or have questions then you can email our Vet or Geneticist here.
  • If you feel that your Dog requires a Clinical Consultation then we can help assist you on finding a suitable Vet across the UK.

Canine Genetic Testing...
‘Easy, Accessible & Affordable’


Petagenics® want to help promote good breeding practice and genetic awareness. Discounts are offered to breeders that are members of 'The Kennel Club Assured Breeder Scheme'. Discounts are also available to Petagenics® recognised breed clubs and societies, contact your dogs breed club or email us for more details.


We understand that receiving your Dogs results could be overwhelming or a little worrying at first sight. Petagenics® have fully Qualified Vets & PhD Geneticists available to give advise if needed, please email your questions or enquiries here.


The Petagenics® available tests provide Vets with valuable insight into a dogs genetic health. The detailed test results enable you to Personalise a Proactive, Predictive and Preventive Healthcare plan for canine patients. Full discount is applicable to all Veterinary practices, both group and independently owned, please email for further information.

Client Testimonials

Don't take our word for it - here's what our clients say:

I recently had a 'Health & Wellness Check'™ done on Dobbie our West Highland Terrier, the kit was very simple to use, we had our results back in 10 days, we are glad to say that Dobbie doesn't have any hereditary conditions.

Sharon J


As Vets we unfortunately have to make pet owners aware of illnesses and diseases, a situation that can be heart wrenching for ourselves, owners and or course the animals involved, this is usually after diagnosis has taken place. The Petagenics® health check is an amazingly detailed screening, it can really determine what health plan and / or what course of treatment is needed prior to a dog showing signs of illness. I would like to see more genetic awareness and promotion of such available tests during a puppies first Veterinary examination. This is a very competitively priced product for the amount of diseases and traits that are included in the test.

John B

We recently became aware of the 'Health & Wellness Check'™ after our friend's Cockapoo became diagnosed with Cancer. Our search for a pro-active test, that covered a number of breed specific diseases led us to the Petagenics® test. We were able to collect the DNA from our pet dog in about 2 minutes with a buccal mouth swab, our results were available sooner than we expected and would recommend to anyone who has concerns about their pet dog.

Sammy & John

Portishead - Bristol