Why should we DNA test our dogs?

Why should we DNA test our dogs?

Bringing a new puppy into the family is one of the most exciting and enjoyable experiences we can have. However as much as they are a wonderful part of our family, as family members we must ensure that their health and wellbeing is managed correctly.

Whether you are a professional dog breeder or simply a careful buyer, a health test from Petagenics Canine Genetic services can help you understand the potential genetic threats to your dog’s health. If you decide to breed, this information will help you select a correct Sire to produce the healthiest puppies for your future generations.

Who should test?

All of us dog owners, including breeders, should test our pets. Petagenics believes that every dog should be given the best start in life. Our genetic health tests will help you make better decisions now, and in the future concerning your dog. We all need peace of mind concerning our dogs, our health tests help us understand our pets more and enables us to be proactive in choosing their pathway of care.


Ordering your Dogs Test

How can I get a DNA Health Check on my dog?

All our tests are purchased online at www.petagenics.co.uk. You will need to decide what test is best for your dog, this can be either a 'Build-A-Bundles'™ (these are a panel of tests specific to your dogs breed), an 'Single Test Selection test' '™ (all our tests can be purchased as single products, or as a combination of single products).

Through our sister company, Canine Wellness Check we offer a screening of more than 150 diseases, traits and colours.

Should you be unsure what test is most appropriate for your dog, the send us a quick email and we will be more that happy to

Is my Order Form & Submission Form the same?

Yes, your order on the www.petagenics.co.uk website is used as part of your submission form. You will receive your order confirmation email soon after your order has been placed, please check the details on the form as mistakes can cause delay and/or mistakes. Included on this form are all your dogs details including KC registration details, also stated is your dogs Kit ID, this submission form also will be included with your testing kit.

Terms of Use: 2.4 Sample Submission. You (the customer) accepts responsibility of providing a sample from the dog named and detailed the sample submission form, and the accompanying samples return envelope; any inaccurate results that arise from this clause not being followed and/or adhered to are not the responsibility of Petagenics Canine Genetic Services. The customer will not submit samples of any dog that is known to, or suspected of carrying an infectious disease. See full Terms of Use.

Submission of Samples

What do I need to do once I've received my kit?

  1. Complete all details requested on the pre-paid samples return envelope, then follow the "collecting a Sample' instructions very carefully.

 2. Should you be providing samples for more than one dog, you must: 

2.1. Ensure that you only place swabs for one dog in each envelope, this is to avoid cross contamination.

2.2. Ensure that the 'Kit ID' and the details that you provided on you order, match that particular dog, and the details including the 'Kit ID' are the same on the pre-paid return envelope.

2.3. Follow very carefully, instructions on the 'Collecting a Sample' document that was included in your testing kit, failure to collect enough quality DNA can result in your test failing, and a delay in your results being returned.

2.4. Once all four cheek swabs are placed into their pre-paid samples return envelope, please returning to us without delay.

What do I need to send to the laboratory?

The 'testing kit that you received contains everything that you need including your oder / submission form, four cheek swabs, your order / submission form, the 'collect a sample' document, and a pre-paid samples return envelope.

All we need are the samples to be placed into the pre-paid samples return envelope and sent back without delay.

How will I know that you got my samples?

You will receive an email notification when we have received your samples. Please keep a note of your 'Kit ID Number' for each sample (each dog) that you submit to us. The 'Kit ID Number' is used for full sample traceability purposes.

What if I sent my samples back without filling in the information document?

Please email us immediately. Kits received without an information document may be untraceable, we will endeavour to match you with your sample, however this cannot guaranteed. Petagenics will not be held responsible for replacing kits when samples have been returned without information document enclosed.


Your Dogs test Results

When will I get my results?

You should allow 10 to 14 business days from the email confirming we have received your samples. Results will be uploaded to the account that you created when you purchased your testing kit.

Will I receive a notification when my results are ready?

Yes, you will receive an email when your results are completed and ready to be viewed in your secure online account.

Will I receive a paper copy of my results?

No, results will not be sent via mail to you. Your dogs results will be uploaded to the account you created when you purchased your kit from petagenics.co.uk. From your dog's results page, you can save a PDF or print the report.

Can you provide proof that my dog is free from a specific disease?

The 'Petagenics 'Build-A-Bundle'™ and 'Single Tests' purchases include a 'Canine Genetic health Certificates'™  if needed, this certificate can be presented to Breed Clubs and / or Associations.

The 'Health & Wellness Check'™ is issued with a full report and status of your dogs Genetic health, please see sample report here.

What possible results might I receive?

For each test, you have the possibility of receiving the following results:

Normal, Carrier, At-Risk

Normal: This means that your dog has two copies of the "wildtype" or normal DNA sequence for the gene being tested.

Carrier: This means that your dog carries one copy of the "wildtype" sequence (normal) and one copy of the mutation.  For most diseases, your dog will not be affected with the disease, but simply a carrier.  Carriers can pass this mutated copy of the gene to half of their offspring and depending on the genetics of their mate, may produce at-risk or affected puppies.

At-Risk: This result means that your dog has two copies of the mutation and is at-risk for developing the disease. In this case, these dogs carry two copies of the mutation so that all offspring will inherit at least one copy of the mutation and depending on its mate, is at high-risk of producing affected puppies.

Additional information about the genetic disease and the clinical symptoms can be found by clicking on the link for that disease.

Should you have any questions or queries then our experienced Veterinarians and Geneticists are here to help, please email your questions here.

What if I have questions about my results?

Should you have any questions or queries then our experienced Veterinarians and Geneticists are here to help, please email your questions here and we will respond within 24 hours.

If you feel that your Dog requires a Clinical Consultation then we can help assist you on finding a suitable Vet across the UK.