Petagenics Launch Dog DNA Collection Facility

Petagenics Launch Dog DNA Collection Facility

Yesterday, Petagenics launched its 'Canine Wellness Hub’ at the Bath Canine Society Dog Show. The Wellness Hub allows Petagenics to provide real-time DNA sample collection at events and clinics around the UK. This means customers can start their dog’s DNA testing journey as soon as possible. Bettering communication, reducing waiting times, and allowing customers to ask the Petagenics team any questions as the process takes place. At future events, geneticists and veterinarians will be on hand and ready to provide customers with up-to-date and advanced DNA testing information.

Steven Lawley, Commercial Director, commented:

 “The introduction of the 'Petagenics Canine Wellness Hub’ will allow our customers and those who want to know more about DNA testing the opportunity to engage with us at shows and fairs.

The Canine Wellness Hub gives us opportunities to further expand the services we offer. We will be adding additional services in the near future, services that will complement our current offering.

We are committed to delivering the promise that Petagenics was founded upon, to make canine genetic testing ‘Easy, Accessible & Affordable’.

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