How to Collect a Sample

1. Submission Form

We have provided you with the Submission Form that was created when you placed your order on the website. 

  1. Write your dogs details onto the pre-paid samples return envelope, these details should match those you provided, and are stated on the submission form within your testing kit, these details should also be from the dog that you are about to take a DNA sample from. 
  2. Be sure that the 'Kit ID Number' on the Submission form (this starts with the letters PTG), matches the 'Kit ID Number' on the pre-paid samples return envelope.
  3. Return this submission form to the return envelope. You will need to use and return all four swabs found in the return envelope for testing. Failure to return all 4 swabs may cause delayed results.

2. Swab your Dog

    • You may need to ask someone to help hold the dog.
    • You are collecting cells from inside the cheek.
Failure to collect an adequate amount of sample could delay your results. Please follow these instructions carefully.

1. There are four cheek swabs included in your kit. You will swab your dog's cheek four times, using one swab each time.

1.1. Wait at least 1 hour after your dog has eaten. Make sure the mouth is clear of debris.

1.2. Remove one sterile swab from the return envelope. Be careful not to let anything touch the tip of the swabs.

1.3. Insert the swab between your dog's cheek and gum.

1.4. Gently press the swab to the outside, against the inside of your dog's cheek.

1.5. Move and roll the swab against the cheek for a slow count of 30 seconds to collect the cells.

1.6. Carefully return the swab to the return envelope.

1.7. Repeat this process again with the next swab until all four swabs have been used.

If you are collecting samples for more that one dog, you must follow these further instructions very carefully also:

2. When providing samples for more than one dog, you must:

2.1. Ensure that you only place swabs for one dog in each envelope, this is to avoid cross contamination.

2.2. Ensure that the 'Kit ID' and the details that you provided on you order, match that particular dog, and the details including the 'Kit ID' are the same on the pre-paid return envelope.

2.3. Follow very carefully, these instructions on collecting a sample, failure to collect enough quality DNA can result in your test failing, and a delay in your results being returned.

3. Return your Swabs

  1. With the four swabs now used and returned to the pre-paid return envelope, seal the envelope to avoid the swabs becoming contaminated.
  2. Mail your samples back to Petagenics® without delay.
Important, make sure to save the Kit ID number for your records.